CEA Project Logistics Specialized Lifting

Specialized Lifting

Sri Racha Harbour, Laem Chabang, Thailand

1 Day

Catamaran Specifications

  • Height: 8.1m
  • Length: 20m
  • Width: 8m
  • Weight: 24t

CEA Project Logistics Specialized Lifting 2 - lashed to the cargo ship
Straps secured to the fastening points

CEA Project Logistics Specialized Lifting 2 - lashed on deck
Calypso Blue ready for shipping

CEA was employed for the specialized lifting of the dive catamaran Calypso Blue from the water onto a waiting cargo ship. After the boat was secured on the top deck it would set sail for Port Douglas, Australia to begin service. CEA had recently performed a beach launch for the Calypso Blue after which she was sent for sea trials. After completion of the trials, she sailed to the nearby Sri Racha Harbour.


The CEA team arrived and assembled two eight-metre modular spreader bars with the necessary slings, the specialized lifting configuration was attached to the ships crane. The crane lowered the slings into the water, two specialist underwater divers fastened the slings together and added a retaining sling.

The boat was slowly moved into position inside the slings, with the final movements being controlled by the CEA teams with the attached tag lines. With the boat in position, the diver’s made the final checks to ensure slings and load points were correct.

Sri Racha Harbor (SRH), the first private international and largest deep sea port in Thailand, was established in 1989 with the intention of building up the economic capability of Thailand as the gate for global trade

A trial lift was performed first to ascertain weight distribution and that the boat was in the correct position within the slings. After a successful trial, the boat was slowly lifted on to the ship’s top deck.

The boat was placed on specialist steel stools and dunnage fabricated by CEA, this ensured no damage would occur to the boat’s hull during shipping.

The CEA rigging team checked the boat was sitting correctly on the stools and dunnage and applied all ratchet straps from the boat to the ship’s deck. Final checks were made on all straps and fastening points. After all the checks had been satisfied CEA gave the all clear to the Captain and deck crew. This Specialized Lifting project was completed in a safe and efficient manner and under budget.

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