CEA Project Logistics Vietnam

CEA Project Logistics Management and Cargo Transportation

CEA provides integrated project logistics management and cargo transportation services to shippers of oversized break-bulk equipment and heavy lift shipments. We provide these services for an array of industries including energy, mining, petrochemical and infrastructure.

The complex and tailored requirements of project logistics require out-of-the-box thinking in order to create and execute effective solutions. Our team also offers transport plan projections which is ideal for budget forecasts, and on-site planning meetings to ensure a planned route with the safest and most efficient method of transport.

It is in the planning and attentions to detail that sets CEA apart, and why we are the most trusted logistics provider in Vietnam. This is where we provide true value to customers, but getting the job right and putting together a seamless plan to support your project.

The complex requirements that encompass project logistics execution need ‘out of the box’ thinking in order to create and implement effective solutions. CEA has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to handle the logistical challenges that are encountered with project execution.