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Module Loadout Specialists Throughout Asia and Beyond

CEA Project Logistics offers specialised solutions in the transportation of modules across any distance to their Load Out location. Our solutions allow fabrication facilities to continue building modules without any impact on operational efficiency or congestion at the point of loading. These solutions enable us to perform multiple projects from just one module loadout site, giving our clients and manufacturers a more flexible approach when it comes to design, manufacture, and installation, this, in turn, results in reduced costs for modules/cargo built at any location across the globe then shipped to the final project location.


SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporters) are the optimum solution for the heavy haulage of loads such as reactors, offshore platforms, turbines, modules, and ships. CEA Project Logistics specialised in-house engineering provides our customers with a ‘Turnkey’ solution for module Loadout and Roll-On, Roll-Off services, including the chartering of module carriers, Tug and Barge operations and Heavy Lift vehicles for module transportation.

Excellence and innovation built into every project

Our fleet of SPMT’s can be manoeuvred within tolerances of millimetres and can be rotated through 360 degrees by use of the carousel steering system. This system allows us to navigate roadways and corridors of access through your site with the minimum of disruption to surrounding structures and objects.


Our transporters can be configured to meet the design requirements and limitations of each individual module loadout project. Preparation or strengthening of the site can be kept to a minimum due to low ground bearing pressures. For projects that already have a skidway in place, CEA can offer Strand Jacking equipment to facilitate the Load Out.

CEA provides a range of Module Loadout services which includes…

  • Lifting Feasibility Study
  • Lifting Analysis
  • Rigging Design
  • Vessel Stability & Strength
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Structural Design of Attachments & Supports
  • Barge Ballasting Calculations
  • Module Loadout Procedure