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CEA Provide Dynamic Solutions to Cargo Consolidation

CEA can manage multiple cargoes regardless of size and weight, our modern facilities can meet all cargo consolidation requirements.

Cargo consolidation is an important aspect for many businesses involved in shipping goods around the World.  It is common that this service will be required when companies are shipping smaller items and do not or cannot make a full shipment.  Sending a part shipment may be expensive so coordinating with other businesses may reduce costs but it is almost impossible for companies to liaise with other businesses alone.  This is where we can assist you ensuring that this is completed accurately, efficiently and safely whilst at the same time ensuring that the goods reach their final destination in a timely fashion.

Due to the size of CEA Project Logistics, it is possible for us to manage multiple cargos and, unlike many competitors, we have the infrastructure to deal with any cargo consolidation project regardless of its size or weight.  This can only happen due to the modern facilities we have at our disposal such as 120,000sqm of lay-down storage and warehouse facilities located in Laem Chabang close to the port and industrial zones.  This port side location is ideal to accommodate and manage the import and export of a variety of cargoes.

Our business is moving your business…
…ensuring your project is safely delivered on time within budget

Our cargo consolidation teams have several years of experience and are able to provide a full and concise cargo inventory and the relevant documentation that will be required to meet the needs of load-out ITP’s to ensure that all the cargo is handled in the correct manner and meets your specific project requirements.

At CEA Project Logistics we maintain all the necessary equipment to carry out the required tasks.  There will be no delays waiting for the correct equipment as we have our own fleet of mobile cranes, forklift trucks, and container stackers as well as specialist equipment including gantry cranes.  Combining our years of experience and our modern equipment allows us to be industry leaders striving to help you drive your business forward with the best solution to your cargo consolidation projects.