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CEA Projects expand scopes of service for wind power field

With the orientation of sustainable development and better meeting customer requirements in the period of strong development of the renewable energy field now and in the future, in addition to constantly improving the quality of services existing services (customs agency, transportation, warehousing, equipment rental…etc), CEA Projects will continue expanding, providing additional support and ancillary services...


At the beginning of 2023, CEA Projects Logistics have successfully completed project “Installation of a flight simulator for Lanmei Airlines” in Phnom Penh international airport, Cambodia. The awarded contract covered: designing technical method statement, supplying all human resources and equipment, installing the simulator onto operation foundation under instructions of the experts from the manufacturer.

CEA Projects officially become a member of OPCA

Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA) keeps expanding with strong partners from all over the world! On October 7th, 2022, CEA PROJECTS COMPANY LIMITED from Vietnam became a new member of the network. CEA PROJECTS COMPANY LIMITEDADDRESS: 15/1 No 10, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamCONTACT: Brett MalcolmTEL: +84 838 364...


In 2021, one of the most outstanding achievements of CEA Projects must be mentioned is that it has successfully conquered difficult roads to transport and hand over all equipment to the foundation of 137 WTGs of wind power plants in Quang Binh and Quang Tri. 411 blades with a length of 74-76m/unit, 46 Nacelles weighing...

Storage & Handling

CEA has extensive storage and handling facility strategically located for easy access to ports, ICDs and major trade routes. This includes container facilities, lay-down areas for oversize cargo, warehouse storage and boned warehouse solutions. Our team also provide all services for import/export such as customs clearance, shipping, transportation and storage.

intermodal solutions

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The complex geography of Vietnam demands an expertise on all modes of transport available in the country to get the job done. From blue-water ports, to delta barges, road and rail, the ability to devise intermodal solutions is imperative to making projects work in Vietnam.

CEA Takes Control

Don’t let you’re parents tell you that computer games are a waste of time. Using a controller to delicately shift large delicate wind blades is a real-world application.

CEA: Bladerunner edition

CEA: Bladerunner edition

CEA: Bladerunner edition It might seem a challenge towing your caravan or boat around some tight mountain curve, but try manoeuvring these wind turbine blades that are 74m in length through the central highlands of Vietnam.