CEA Projects Vietnam partially completed the contract signed with Silamas Group, Thailand.

* Work package completed: Re-exporting all equipment of 04 mobile cranes to Thailand.
* Services provided by CEA:
- Surveying and designing method statement.
- Loading all equipment from the existing storage yard in Soc Trang onto trailers.
- Transport from the storage location to jetty for loading on the barge.
- Roll-on 04 mobile crane bodies from the jetty onto the barge.
- Safely lashing cargoes on the barge.
- Barging from Soc Trang to Tan Cang Hiep Phuoc Port, HCMC, Vietnam.
- Offloading all equipment from the barge to the port yard.
- Loading all equipment from the port yard onto Vessel to ship to Thailand.
- Supplying lashing inspection and certificate service for all re-export cargoes as per international maritime transport standards.
Loading crane equipment onto trailers
Loading equipment onto barge at jetty
Setting up link bridge to roll on crane bodies onto barge
A crane body moving onto barge via link bridge
Crane equipment positioned on barge deck
The whole shipment safely barged to HCM port and offloaded onto port yard
A crane body being loaded onto vessel at the port
One of the other 3 crane bodies
The last item to be loaded on board
All equipment safely loaded on board and be ready for shipping

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