CEA Project Logistics Vietnam Heavy Lift

Heavy Lift Services Available Across Southeast Asia

CEA Project Logistics are specialists in heavy lift services throughout Southeast Asia and the surrounding regions. No matter what size, weight or type of cargo you have, CEA will have the optimum solution for all your lifting, hoisting and installation projects.


Our extensive portfolio of heavy lift vehicles and equipment can support a multitude of projects over many logistics sectors including Off Shore, Petrochemical, Power Generation, and Civil works. We can provide Stand Jacks, Tower Lift Systems, Crawler Cranes, Skidding, Elevator Systems, Gantry Lifting, Screw Jacks, Flat Jacks and Auxiliary Cranes to support any type of heavy lift project.

We ensure every lift is a safe lift

When a heavy lift is required in confined and restricted areas like warehouses we offer Screw Jacks and Gantry Lift Systems solutions, these are often used for the lifting and installation of Transformers, Boilers, Generators and Turbines.


Our state of the art equipment is operated and maintained by experienced heavy lift cargo professionals who are supported by our own engineering departments offering you the safest rigging solutions for your heavy lift project. We prepare simulation drawings in 3D using AutoCAD, calculations are then made to ensure everything is fully operational and within safe working parameters for all the equipment being used, hourly planning is prepared and applied accordingly.


In order to provide a complete turnkey solution, our Heavy Lift department works in conjunction with the Heavy Transport and the Engineering departments. CEAโ€™s pre-planning will bring your heavy lift program forward, ensuring a smooth operation, correct placement of the cargo in a secure manner and delivering the project on budget and on time.