Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing & Procurement

Procurement and logistics are a natural fit that provide benefits for both operational and commercial considerations. Logistics companies working directly within the procurement schedule can determine the minimum time that items spend in warehouses or waiting for delivery. This is particularly important for warranties and the general condition of the purchased goods.

CEA can offer consultancy on in-house warehousing or storage as required:

  • Control directly any truck movement and timings to ensure delivery schedules are maintained.

  • Control the whole supply chain and work directly with other shipping agents where the goods are purchased internationally.

  • Constant feedback on all procurement deadlines and production processes.

  • Continued support on documentation when the process is controlled from procurement through manufacture and delivery. This is again critical with customs and getting import standards correct.

  • Minimizes logistics costs to fit into overall project budgets and drives the logistics companies to ensure that purchase price remains as low as possible

  • Reduces risk when JIT (just in time) deliveries are required.