Bapco Transport and Export


Hoang Dieu Port, Vietnam

Hai Phong port, Quang Ngai Vietnam

Khalifa Bin Salman, Bahrain


4 weeks


Variety of Radiant and coil platforms (Intermediate,Higher,Lower)

Seawater Heater

Air (Intakes,Ducts,Burner)

Steel Frame x14

Grating for Radiant Panel

Total Weight

985 tonnes

Equipment Used

Crane 8-15-30-50-100 ton

Forklift 2,5-5-7-10 ton

MOOC trailer 3 axis 35 tonnes Axis 4 - 6-8

Services Used

Project Manager

Fleet Management

Project Engineer


Prepping and securing the load for transportation

Placing the cargo atop the trailers


The cargo reaches its destination 

The cargo is then lifted onto the freight ships

CEA Project Logistics was contracted for the transport and exportation of multiple freights from Hai Phong Vietnam to Khalifa Bin Salman, Bahrain.

Bapco is a Petroleum company situated in Bahrain, CEA are honored to be working hand in hand with Bapco in finalizing their latest (June) shipment. Although this is our first instance working with Bapco it has been an exciting and intriguing experience for all parties. Before beginning the transportation process, the correct measures need to be taken to verify the safety of the shipment. Each steel piece is covered with a waterproof tarp. Each piece of cargo is propped up correctly using either support pieces, gunstops or the appropriate shelving to ensure no scrapping or breaking between the various pieces of cargo.

After securing the cargo cranes and forklifts are then used to lift the load on top of semi trailers. Where the cargo is then shipped to another location, throughout each step of the process the maximum amount of care is expended to make sure the shipment comes in, in optimal condition

After the cargo is unloaded onto the semi trailer the shipment then begins its expedition towards Hai Phong port in Quang Ngai province. Throughout this shipping process two vehicles are always behind the main semi trailer to ensure roadside safety. Furthermore there are also at least two workers that are always available to guarantee the safety of the cargo. As seen in the video below, once arriving at Hai Phong port even more workers approach the cargo with guiding sticks to push the incoming power lines making sure the cargo doesn’t snag and marshaling batons are used to guide the semi trailer onto the port. 

Once the semi trailer enters the port safely it will travel a short distance where a crane will then unload the shipment onto a designated area on the port. Where the various pieces of cargo will be accounted for making sure that all the items on the packing list are present. After which the cargo will be loaded onto the vessel using different types of machinery ranging from different sized cranes and forklift trucks. Where