CEA Project Logistics Packing, Stuffing & Lashing - Ao Udom Laem Chabang

Packing, Stuffing & Lashing

Laem Chabang, Thailand

7 Days

Equipment Used

  • Reach stacker
  • 3.5t Manitou forklift
  • 15t Mitsubishi forklift
  • Manitou telehandler
  • Pallet trucks
  • Isuzu DECA 360 prime movers
  • Flatbed trailers

CEA Project Logistics Packing, Stuffing & Lashing - skates
Roller units fabricated by CEA

CEA Project Logistics Packing, Stuffing & Lashing - wire slings attached
Lifting slings attached before packing

CEA Project Logistics was employed for the packing, stuffing, and lashing of 77 units of Mud Skips, Cargo Baskets, and Gas Racks into 14, 40ft HC containers, the cargo received was too wide to fit into the containers in a conventional way and would have to be turned on its side. CEA readied the containers for load out and transported them to the port where the cargo was shipped to Nigeria to be used in the offshore Oil & Gas sector.


Wooden beams were placed on the floor in each of the containers, the cargo, on its side would be placed on these to ensure no damage occurred to the panels during packing, loading, transportation, and unloading. Lifting slings that would be used upon arrival in Nigeria were attached to each piece of cargo before packing.

A CEA reach stacker lifted each of the containers and placed them onto their sides on wooden blocks. CEA fabricated specialized roller units to facilitate the loading, two units were placed underneath the front section to support the cargo while being loaded by forklift from the rear.

Manitou 3.5t forklift’s and pallet trucks loaded the cargo into the containers, both forklifts, and pallet trucks were covered with protective materials to prevent any damage to the cargo.

After all Mud Skips, Cargo Baskets, and Gas Racks were loaded the CEA team lashed and secured them in place. Wooden chocks and stoppers were installed to further ensure no movement while transportation and shipping.

All necessary supporting documents were provided inside each of the containers. A third party inspection team checked all the loaded cargo and sealed the containers with the appropriate shipping tags. The containers were loaded onto flatbed trailers and transported to port to await shipping to Nigeria.

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