Ethoxylation Plant module being worked on

Ethoxylation Plant

Laem Chabang Port, Thailand.
Pasadena, USA.

4 Weeks

Modules x15
Filtration vessels x3
Ancillary equipment 40ft HC x73

Total Weight
Modules 921 Tonne
Filtration vessels 129 Tonne
Combined weight 1050 Tonne

Equipment Used
Mobile crane25 Tonne
Hydraulic trailers
Wireless load-cells50 Tonne
Oxyacetylene (Gas Axe)
Metal arc welder
Angle grinders
Site cabin
Fabrication tent

Services Used
Project Manager
Project Engineer
Rigging team
Preservation team

Ethoxylation Plant Module being weighedModule weighing & recording

Ethoxylation Plant modules after preservationPreservation of all cargo

Ethoxylation Plant modules being transportedFirst cargo leaves for port

CEA Project Logistics were contracted for preservation services, installation of steel and wood supports, weighing and Centre of Gravity reporting and the loadout of 15 modules and 3 filtration vessels for an Ethoxylation Plant in Pasadena, Texas.

CEA Team’s designed, fabricated on-site and installed temporary steel and wooden supports for over 300 valves, each support secured every valve in position to prevent damage and stresses to the pipe work and other structures during transportation.

Ethoxylation Plant before disassemblyThe Project Engineer for CEA assisted the project by providing services for weighing each of the 15 modules and 3 vessels and providing detailed engineering CoG weighing reports to the clients. Preservation work was carried out for every control valve and pump on each of the modules and pipe racks to ensure protection against oxidation rust and dust from moisture and air.

Ethoxylation Plant modules loadout at portFor the final part of this project, CEA provided a full scope of loadout services to transport the 18 units on hydraulic trailers from the fabrication shipyard to alongside vessel in Laem Chabang Port. Route Transport surveys had previously been carried and a CEA escort vehicle accompanied each convoy to ensure maximum safety during the transportation. Modules were readied for export and loadout was completed by the vessels onboard cranes.