CEA Project Logistics Break Bulk Consolidation

Break Bulk Consolidation

Laem Chabang, Thailand

5 Days

4,103 Revenue Tonnes

CEA Project Logistics Break Bulk Consolidation - CEA Ao Udom Yard
Cargo loaded and prepared for port

CEA Project Logistics Break Bulk Consolidation - Laem chabang port loading break bulk
Cargo loaded onto the twin decks

CEA Project Logistics were employed to receive 83 pieces of break bulk cargo from Khao Hin Son, Thailand. The cargo would be consolidated at the CEA break bulk consolidation facility in Laem Chabang, Thailand and prepared for load out at Laem Chabang Port. The cargo consisted of oil refinery parts bound for Mongla, Bangladesh.

CEA Provided

  • Manpower
  • Cranes, reach stacker, forklifts
  • Cargo consolidation lay down area
  • Lifting equipment as necessary
  • Trucks, trailers, specialised trailers
  • Transportation from Laem Chabang – LRT
  • Supervise load out operation
  • Port communication, wharfage, and handling

As of 2011, Laem Chabang port became the 22nd busiest container port in the world. Much of the international shipping reaching Thailand goes through Laem Chabang.

All tarpaulins used for our break bulk consolidation projects are manufactured onsite at the CEA plastics facility in Laem Chabang Thailand.

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