Transportation and Export 5 - CEA Project Logistics Myanmar

Turbine Transportation And Export

Yangon, My.

Turbine unit 13 Tonnes

Equipment Used
50t Mobile crane
Surelift spreader beam
Air ride trailer
Flat-Rack container
Lashing equipment
Soft slings

CEA Special Projects Team
Lashing & rigging teams

Other Services Provided
Third party cargo certification
Insurance coverage
Ocean Freight arrangements
Coordination with customs in Japan
Deliveries in Japan on Air Rides

Turbine Transportation and Export 1

Turbine unit lifted

Transportation and Export 2Turbine secured in place on Flat-Rack

Transportation and Export 3Turbine unit uncased in Japan

CEA Project Logistics Myanmar recently carried out operations for the transportation and export of a Gas turbine unit from a power plant in Yangon. The 13-tonne turbine unit was being shipped to Japan to undergo repairs and refurbishment. Due to the sensitivity of the instrumentation contained within the turbine unit, a three-axle air suspension trailer was used to minimise any vibration to the equipment while being transported. During the lifting procedure, CEA used a specifically designed and certified Surelift modular spreader beam provided by sister company CEA Engineering.

Transportation and Export 4

A 50 Tonne Mobile Crane lifted the turbine unit onto the awaiting flat-rack container. A CEA special projects team manoeuvred the unit into position and secured it onto the flat-rack ready for transportation. Before leaving for the port, an inspection by a third party sea freight warranty surveyor was carried out to approve and certify the cargo for international shipping. CEA provided a one-stop service for export documentation, loading, lashing and shipping to the turbines final destination in Japan.

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