CEA Project Logistics - Crane Demobilization

Crane Demobilization

Sattahip, Thailand

1 day

Crane Specifications Base Unit

  • Length 8.36m
  • Width 6.7m
  • Height 3.82m
  • Weight incl. base boom 41t
  • Weight excl. base boom 38t

Boom & Boom Top

  • Length 44m
  • Width 2m
  • Height 2.1m
  • Weight 7.92t

Equipment/Services Used

  • 220t mobile crane
  • 4 Flat bed trailers
  • 2 Low loader trailers
  • Lifting slings
  • Shackles
  • Police escort

CEA Project Logistics - Crane Demobilization - boom arm lift
Complete boom lifted on to port

CEA Project Logistics provided demobilization of a KOBELCO CKE1800 Crawler crane from an operations barge at Sattahip Port,Thailand. CEA also provided transportation to their facility in Laem Chabang and consolidation of the cargo until ready for shipping to Singapore.


A CEA 220 Ton crane moved into position alongside the barge. Counterweights for the crane were installed. Operatives removed the hook block and unfastened the bridle section from the main boom. The crawler cranes 10 counter weights were lifted and removed one at a time and placed on three CEA flatbed trailers. The next crane section removed was the counterweight holder this was loaded onto a CEA low loader.

The CEA crane was moved further along the barge to lift the main boom. The main boom comprised of five sections, four insert booms, and one boom top. Lifting slings were secured in four key lift points to compensate for the heavy boom top section. The crane lifted the complete boom and lowered it on to the port.

CEA operatives removed the boom pins and dismantled the boom into five sections. The boom top was secured in place on a low loader trailer, each of the four insert booms was placed and secured on separate flatbed trailers. The crane was once again moved to facilitate the demobilization, both tracks on the crawler section were unpinned and lifted on to a low loader trailer and secured. Walkway steps attached to the crawler section were removed and secured on a flatbed truck.

The only section remaining on the barge was the crane base with boom base attached. Operatives retracted and lowered the main bridle section and slings were attached to the lift points. The CEA crane lifted the base & boom on to the port floor below. The cranes operative then retracted all supports and lowered the boom base ready for transportation. The crane base section was lifted on to a low loader trailer and secured in place. The trailer with police escort made the journey to CEA’s Cargo Consolidation Facility in Laem Chabang to await shipping to Singapore.

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