CEA Project Logistics - Heliotrope 65 Catamaran Transport and Launch

Transport & Launch of Catamaran

Chonburi, Thailand

3 Days

Catamaran Specifications

  • Height 7m
  • Height inc. Trailer 7.9m
  • Length 20m
  • Weight 22t

Equipment/Services Used

  • Excavator
  • Multi-axle hydraulic trailer
  • Hiab truck
  • Jumbo bags
  • Ratchet straps

CEA Project Logistics - Heliotrope 65 Catamaran Transport and Launch - digging out the beach
Excavator creates temporary slipway

CEA Project Logistics - Heliotrope 65 Catamaran Transport and Launch 1
Making the journey to the launch site

CEA was commissioned to launch the groundbreaking Heliotrope 65 Catamaran. The role of CEA was to transport the catamaran from her building yard to the beach and successfully float her in an efficient, safe and timely manner. As this was to be a beach launch CEA had to survey the local beach for the optimum position for launch and check tide levels for the projected launch date.


Day 1: Preparation
The CEA team measured out a 10-meter wide section of beach for excavation. A CEA excavator removed over three Tonnes of sand and created a temporary slipway. 25 steel plates were laid on top of the slipway and into the sea with the final 8 plates only being laid after the tide had receded, this would allow the trailer and the boat to move safely along the beach during low tide.

Day 2: Launch Day
A CEA multi-axle hydraulic trailer positioned itself under the boat, wood chocks, and rubber matting was placed under the agreed load points. The trailer was raised and took the full weight lifting the boat from its support stands. The boat was strapped and secured to the trailer and transport began the half-mile journey to the launch site. At the launch site, the trailer traveled along the steel plates and down the slipway. The trailer lowered the boat onto four jumbo bags filled with sand. As the tide was rising the bags were sliced open to allow the sand to dissipate in turn allowing the boat to float naturally.

Day 3: Clean Up
After the successful launch the previous day CEA returned to the location to restore the beach to its original state, this started with the recovery of the 25 steel plates followed by the collection of the used jumbo bags and finally moving the sand back to where the slipway had been and packing it down accordingly.

The above transport project and the launch were achieved without any environmental impact.

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