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Our Case Studies section provides you with an in-depth look at projects and services that we cannot possibly cover in the services section. Broken down into three parts, it encompasses case studies, featured services and features.

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The case studies we have collated gives a great insight into the processes involved in the various aspects of logistics. I’m sure you’ll find it both informative and fascinating. We will continue to add new projects to this section.


Featured services provide a more in-depth look at the services we provide. There are many areas that we cover and we will continually add to this list.

Transportation of Transformers

CEA Project Logistics was contracted for the shipment and transportation of a Transformer to Kun Tam Firstly the cargo is received at Hiep Phuoc port, where it is then packaged and shipped off to a stockpile site for CEA. Once reaching this location the conditions of the cargo will be appraised before the shipment begins….

Ethoxylation Plant

CEA Project Logistics were contracted for preservation services, installation of steel and wood supports, weighing and Centre of Gravity reporting and the loadout of 15 modules and 3 filtration vessels for an Ethoxylation Plant in Pasadena, Texas. CEA Team’s designed, fabricated on-site and installed temporary steel and wooden supports for over 300 valves, each support…

Catamaran Transport & Export

CEA Project Logistics was contracted for the transport, storage and export of a Catamaran Ferry from Chonburi, Thailand to Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa. The ferry was moored at Ocean Marina Yacht Club and was lifted from the water by the on-site Marine Straddle Carrier. CEA Teams were on hand to supervise the lift…

Injection Mould Demobilisation

CEA Project Logistics was contracted for the demobilisation and export to Malaysia of a High-Pressure Plastic Injection Moulding Machine weighing over 150 Tonnes. Working alongside Mitsubishi technicians for this demobilisation project (the original machine supplier) CEA initially disconnected all the hydraulic interfaces between the machine and fixed supply, in addition, all high and low voltage…

Brewery Tanks Installation

CEA Project Logistics Myanmar was contracted for the transportation and installation of two 18 Tonne vertical storage tanks at a Yangon brewery. CEA Project Logistics Myanmar was contracted for the transportation and installation of two 18 Tonne vertical storage tanks at a Yangon brewery. The project would prove complex due to two cranes being required…

Power Plant Demobilisation

CEA Project Logistics Myanmar recently carried out the demobilisation of 14 Gas Powered Generator Sets and accompanying parts and accessories from a Power Plant project in Kyaukpyu, Rakhine State to Yangon and then onwards to Singapore. The initial part of this project began with the transportation of the vehicles and equipment necessary for the demobilisation….

Drill Rig Transportation

CEA Project Logistics Myanmar completed the transportation and mobilisation of three 9 tonne drill rigs and four 20 ft. containers to Kawlin in the Sagaing region 850km from the capital Yangon. Due to the poor condition of the roads and bridges, this transportation project was completed in two separate trips over 16 days. Each of…

Turbine Transportation And Export

CEA Project Logistics Myanmar recently carried out operations for the transportation and export of a Gas turbine unit from a power plant in Yangon.

Bottle Blower Installation

CEA Project Logistics Myanmar were employed for the transportation, customs process and installation of a pre-formed bottle blowing machine and it’s auxiliary parts at the Loi Hein soft drinks factory in Yangon, Myanmar. This was the completion of a three-part project that CEA had been conducting.

Bottle Washer Relocation

CEA Projects Myanmar recently undertook a project for the moving of a 25-year-old bottle washer from Wardan in downtown Yangon to the clients’ new soft drink manufacturing plant 20kms away in the Northern Yangon district of Shwe Pyi Thar.