photo looking up at a completed telecoms tower

CEA Myanmar Telecoms Project

Yangon, Myanmar Thilawar, Myanmar

5,800 Towers
50,000 Steel bundles

1 - 3 Years

Contract Value
3,000,000 USD

CEA Myanmar Telecoms Project 1 - yangon warehouse
Manitou equipment used throughout

CEA Myanmar Telecoms Project - Yangon Warehouse fixing bolts
Foundation anchor bolts

CEA Myanmar Telecoms Project - Thilawa warehouse
Ladder parts at our Yangon facility

CEA Myanmar was recently awarded three separate telecommunication contracts to provide full project logistics for the installation of over 5,800 telecom towers.

The towers are an integral part of Myanmar’s future development and will enhance their role within the ASEAN region and beyond.

The Myanmar government have pledged to install over 17,000 telecom towers throughout the country, CEA Myanmar will be responsible for 34% of these.


  • Import permits
  • Customs clearance
  • Incoming transportation
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Dispatch
  • Outgoing transportation

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