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Dyneema Synthetic Links Launched

During the Breakbulk Europe event in Antwerp a new technology has come to light that could revolutionize the way we lash down cargo.

Heavy steel chains have traditionally been used for the lashing down of big loads, however they are notoriously cumbersome to use, can potentially damage cargo and of course tend to rust! The Dyneema TYCAN® synthetic link hopes to eradicate all the issues that are associated with the use of steel link chains.

A new synthetic material has been produced and applied to link chains for rigging, the chains offer environmental, safety and financial advantages over the standard steel chains.

Proven Benefits

Safer: Synthetic link chains made with Dyneema ® don’t recoil violently and so cause fewer injuries.

Quieter: Steel link chains make lots of noise. Synthetic link chains with Dyneema ® are quietly efficient.

Less damaging: Heavy, steel link chains can and do damage cargo in transit. Chains made with Dyneema ®.

Lighter: Dyneema ® fiber is not only up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis, it’s eight times lighter at equal strength. Result: a 300% reduction in handling time and significant labor savings.

Non-conductive: Dyneema ® fiber is a natural insulator that prevents sparks in electrostatic environments, so protecting workers and equipment from dangerous electrical currents.

Greener: Synthetic link chains with Dyneema ® have a low carbon footprint during production, use, and end of life – good for people, planet, and profit.

Durable: Synthetic link chains with Dyneema ® prevent mechanical damage to equipment, extending lifetimes and lowering maintenance costs.

For more information on this new technology and its possible applications click here.

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