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CEA Racing Awarded For The Perfect Season

2015 proved to be an incredible year for TR Motorsport and CEA Racing culminating in the capture of Thai Motorsports Holy Grail! The “Fantastic Four” is one of the hardest and most elusive achievements in Motorsport throughout the Kingdom, however before going on let’s take the time to reflect on how it all began…

Back in 2010 with TR Motorsport struggling to find a Team Sponsor, CEA Project Logistics duly stepped in to take on the challenge of making the team number 1 again. As the team worked and grew together the ethics and ethos of both team owner Thomas Raldorf and Kevin Fisher MD of CEA began to turn that hard work into results on the track. Over the next four years, several trophies and championships were won. After narrowly missing out on the drivers’ championship in 2014 the team was even more determined to go one step further in 2015.

The 2015 season began in perfect fashion with Thomas smashing lap records on every circuit he graced with the ‘Blue Blur’ Honda City, the team looked invincible, however, as with all motorsports very rarely do you have a perfect season! The inevitable mechanical failures popped up causing the team to drop points, however, such was their lead that the championship was won at a canter in the penultimate race at Bira International Circuit, Pattaya. At the ensuing BBQ party back at pit lane it was announced that TR Motorsport & CEA Racing had officially completed the ‘The Fantastic Four’, winning the following:

  • The Drivers’ Championship
  • The Team Championship
  • The Manufacturers Championship
  • The Tire Trophy Championship

Scenes of jubilation filled the pit lane with mechanics, sponsors and guests celebrating this very special achievement well into the night. For Team Owner Thomas Raldorf it was the Crown Jewel he had been waiting so many years for and gave him closure after the previous year’s disappointment. The achievement had been 16 years in the making, after winning 9 other championships the Royal Trophy had always eluded him, until now!

Thomas addressed the guests saying, “Winning the Royal Thailand National Championship Trophy is an amazing feeling, but doing it as a guest in this amazing country is even more fantastic, to all of you who have supported us over the last few years I really can’t thank you enough, this is a very humbling moment in my life and one I shall treasure”

The Bangkok Motor show provided the backdrop for the 2015 Royal Awards dinner with Thomas Raldorf and his team from TR Motorsport / CEA Racing honored on stage as the 2015 multiple champions. The Thai Royal Guard began the proceedings arriving to the sound of the Royal Anthem replete with the Thai National and Royal flags, esteemed members of the guard carried the Royal Trophies to the stage. Such was the importance and significance of the event, that rehearsals had been undertaken by all the winners earlier that day.

It was a visibly proud Thomas that walked the red carpet through a Royal Guard towards the stage. After collection of the Royal Trophy Thomas took the time to pose for the national media in attendance. An equally proud Earl Brown representing both TR Motorsport and CEA Project Logistics made his way to the stage to collect the 2015 Team Championship award. As the event began to wind down and the excitement dissipated both Thomas and Earl took a moment to reflect on their great partnership that had resulted in this incredible achievement for the team, sponsors, and fans. Not one to rest on their laurels the conversation quickly turned to the upcoming 2016 season and what new challenges lay ahead!

The 2016 challenge:

TR Motorsport are now focusing on the new season as they attempt to defend their 2015 titles. The new season will also mark the start of a new era for the team as CEA will step down as the main sponsor and hand over the reins to BIZpaye International who, as the new incoming main sponsor have some big shoes to fill! But with the hard working attitude of all the team members 2016 promises to be another successful season.

As with every new season rule changes are obligatory and are used to try and make the racing more equal for all teams and drivers, the challenge lies in trying to prepare the car for the new regulations and to make it as competitive as possible from the start. TR Motorsport, have been working on their cars for several months now and are getting ready for the first race of the season which takes place on 14th and 15th of May in Buriram. The season kicks off with a 6 Hour Endurance Race at the FIA Chang International Circuit.

The team is looking the strongest it has ever been which reflects with the increased number of significant sponsors getting involved for the 2016 season, sponsors already confirmed so far:

  • BIZpaye International
  • Singha (Boon Rawd Company)
  • LUXX Lubricants
  • CEA Project Logistics
  • Inspire Pattaya
  • We’re Humans I.T.
  • Heaven Consultants
  • Global Insurance Brokers
  • Lenso Wheels
  • PFC Brakes
  • The Pattaya Channel
  • Thai Visa

The teams’ revised website is being updated and prepared and will be live before the start of the season.

The TR Motorsport Facebook page will be updated regularly throughout the season with all the team news and pictures including the increasingly popular Umbrella Girl’s. Thomas also has his own fan page on Facebook called Thomas Raldorf Fan Club

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