CEA Myanmar team pose for photo in front of monopole tower

CEA Myanmar – Monopole Antenna

As part of CEA Myanmar’s ongoing telecoms projects, the Thilawar warehouse teams loaded and readied for transport a camouflaged monopole antenna.  These types of towers are used in in urban, suburban and commercial areas – which makes them the ideal solution when local residents or businesses would be less than satisfied with a more standard looking design.

Designed to look like a pine tree to blend into the surroundings, the 30-meter communications towers were loaded and transported via road to Mandalay and were erected using a crane with the three sections being lifted into place in a concertina fashion.

These type of monopole telecommunications towers not only have a small footprint but also have radio-transparent material that shrouds and hides hardware giving a more aesthetic appearance. As Myanmar’s telecommunications industry expands, more of these types of monopole towers will be erected to meet the growing needs of the country’s population.

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