A white CEA Project Logistics Prime mover transporting industrial gas and liquids

Industrial Gas and Liquids

IMO Type 1 (T11) Liquid Tanks
Product Range: Chemicals/Solvents
Capacities: 17,500 - 26,000 ltr

IMO Type 5 (T50) Gas Tanks
Product Range: Petrochemical, Refrigeration Gases (r12,22,134a), LPG
Butane, Propane & Ammonia
Capacities: 17,500 - 25,000 ltr
Working Pressure: 22 bar
Test Pressure:36 bar

IMO Type 7 (T75) Cryogenic Tanks
20ft Cryotank
Product Range: Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon, Liquid Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide Tank
Working Pressure:10.3,17 & 24 bar

10ft Cryotank - DNV 2.7.1
Product Range: Nitrogen

40ft Cryotank
Product Range: LNG

Intermediate Bulk Containers
Capacity: 1100, 2500, 4000 ltr

ISO tank being transported by CEA Project Logistics Prime mover Industrial Gas and LiquidsLiquefied gas tank transportation

CEA work in partnership with Taylor Minster Leasing (TML) throughout Asia to provide a complete door to door logistics solution for all Industrial Gas and Liquids transportation.

Our experienced transport, storage and backroom coordination teams maintain safety as paramount importance whilst ensuring seamless delivery of your goods. We provide in-house customs management teams located at all regionalised border crossings between Thailand and the surrounding countries, providing our clients with a safe and reliable cross-border service.

Taylor Minster Leasing are the world’s largest lessor of tanks for the Liquefied and cryogenic gas industry

a Taylor minster leasing tank - industrial gas and liquids

Our staff are fully trained and accredited in the handling, loading and unloading of Industrial Gas and Liquids. CEA have full HSEQ Management Systems are in place to monitor transport and fatigue. All transport comes fully certified by industry standard inspection companies.