CEA Undertook the Inspection Project for the US Financial Organization

Recently, CEA Project Logistics carried out a full inspection of the American lending institution’s technical equipment, QuickCashLoans, based in Lexington, Kentucky. The company requested its current systems’ quality control services to make sure their customers receive a high-quality product.

QuickCashLoans is a company that is aimed at providing specific financial services, strictly related to online loans. Consequently, quality assurance services are undoubtedly needed when dealing with financial processes that are being conducted online.

CEA completed the standard quality control procedure at a given time so that the US clients were able to proceed with further maintaining the configured systems and strive to improve them for better and easier functionality.


About QuickCashLoans:

The company was founded in 2017 by two enthusiastic financial experts, Tyler Stephens and Ashley Newman. Their idea was to provide people with fast and easy ways to receive money by connecting them with the most trustworthy direct lenders. Right, this idea formed the basis of the company’s philosophy and put it in a leading position in the lending industry.

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