CEA Surelift Spreader Beam in use at Laem Chabang Port


CEA SureLift, the quality name in the lifting industry is designed by experienced engineers for lifting professionals.

CEA Surelift have many years of practical experience in the heavy crane, lifting and logistics industry. We decided to draw on our vast experience to produce a range of lifting products that completely match the stringent requirements of the industry today.

In the past we were limited with equipment choices that partially fulfilled our requirements and the high demands of the lifting industry, so we designed a range of beams to meet industry needs for ourselves and our clients and achieve the highest possible international standards.

Safety & Confidence in every lift

Six Key Benefits

• Designed and built by heavy lift engineers.
• Unique modular system prevents incorrect assembly
• Stackable storage & transportation racks save space and protect the beams
• Strut lifting eye-holes helps assembly
• Torque wrench provides accurate bolt tightening to the required setting
• Easy on the bank balance, SureLift is priced so you make money.

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